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Check out Lincoln’s student retelling of The World According to Humphrey. 

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Way to go Lincoln Readers!! During this year's read-a-Thon, you read 91,131 minutes and raised $2,333.90! That is more than our goal!! Great work!

Congratulations to the following classes for reading the most minutes in their grade level. They will each receive a popcorn party soon: Mr. Wilcox, Mrs. Heinen, Ms. Abson, Mrs. Figallo, Mr. Hanson, and Mr. Colgrove.

The following students were the top readers in their class and will be getting $5 for the book fair:
Mrs. Olson's class- Bianca; Mrs. Straight's class- Gabby and Ivan; Mr. Wilcox's class- Marcus; Mrs. Heinen's class- Edil; Mrs. Jensen's class- Ibrahim; Ms. Pappenfuss's class- Addie; Ms. Abson's class- Isabella; Mrs. Nelson's class- Addie; Mrs. Schleper's class- Maya; Mrs. Figallo's class- Ilham; Mrs. Neidenfeuhr's class- Anisa; Mr. Browning's class- Madeleine; Mr. Hanson's class- Zak; Mrs. Saatzer's class- Iliyah; Mr. Colgrove's class- Fardowsa; Mrs. Eibes' class- Clara; and Mr. Jurek's class- Brianna.

Mr. Browning's class will be receiving a pizza party for being the class that raised the most money in the school.

The following students raised the most money in their classes and will be receiving a poster or other small prize of their choice:

From Mrs. Olson's class- Grace; Mrs. Straight's class- Gabby; Mr. Wilcox- Bayley; Mrs.Heinen- Emily; Mrs. Jensen- Aiyanna; Ms. Pappenfuss- Althea; Ms. Abson- Miriam; Mrs. Nelson- Addie; Mrs. Schleper- Mykenzie; Mrs.Figallo- Stella; Mrs. Neidenfeuhr- Maeonna; Mr. Browning- Madeleine; Mr. Hanson- Ani; Mrs. Saatzer- Sophie and Autumn; Mr. Colgrove- Karl; Mrs. Eibes- Kyle; and Mr. Jurek- Josie.

Way to go everyone who participated! Keep up the awesome reading!!

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General Lincoln Information

The door opens at 8:00 AM for students.  All students are welcome to eat breakfast which is served from 8:00-8:20 AM.  Students should be in their classrooms by 8:25 AM.  The school day ends at 2:50 PM.


Attendance: Please call the office at: 251-6343 as soon as possible if you child  is absent or has an appointment.  Automated absence reporting calls start at 9:15 AM.


Lunch Accounts:  Children should bring lunch money to the office.  You can view your child’s lunch account by logging into SKYWARD.  If you have questions about your Skyward password, please call Computer Services at 252-8770 ext. 1514 or 1515.


Busing: Any changes to your child’s bus pick-up or bus drop-off location requires: parent/guardian signature and a requested start date.  Transportation forms are in the office.  Each student is allowed ONE bus stop for the am and ONE stop for the PM.  Parents are responsible for any temporary changes. Students are not allowed to ride any bus other than their own, even with parent permission.


Student/Parent Pick Up Procedures

To ensure the safety of our students, the procedures listed below will be followed when picking up your child(ren) after school:

Parents/Guardians must wait for their children in the gym.  Please line up against the left  wall in the gym.

Students being picked up will be dismissed first and brought to the gym.

Students will only be dismissed from the gym with their parents/guardians.


Thank you for helping to keep our students safe!!!!

Lincoln All Stars Show the "3 Rs!"