Welcome to Oak Hill Community School

Upcoming Events

    Come to the Book Fair!

    You are invited to our Scholastic Book Fair, a reading event packed with excitement for students and families.  Our Book Fair theme –Enter the Kingdom of Books– is a weeklong event that brings the books kids love to our school.  If you are unable to visit the fair and wish to place an order online, visit the Oak Hill Book Fair website.  Thanks for your support as profits from the fair benefit the Oak Hill Media Center.


    Buckthorn Removal in the Big Woods

    We will be removing buckthorn and cleaning up the hiking trails in the Big Woods behind Oak Hill, Saturday, October 25 from 9:00 till you have to leave, but no later than noon.  Gloves will be needed and loppers and pruners will be useful tools.  There will be hotdogs, buns and chips served afterwards if you can stay.

    European buckthorn is an invasive shrub that tends to take over the edges and in wooded areas.  It out competes native plants so that after several years only the buckthorn is left.  We have been removing it from the Big Woods and the school grounds for about 15 years.

    We hope to see many of you in the back parking lot of school this Saturday to continue this effort.

    Community Education presents Fall Fest at Oak Hill

    Come and be inspired to create your very own projects while learning actual techniques in drawing, sculpting and coloring! For more information and registration click here.


    Community Education Youth Enrichment Catalog--FALL 2014

    Enjoy what Community Education has to offer! Have lots of fun participating in a wide array of programs--learning new skills and exploring new opportunities.View the Community Education Youth Enrichment catalog.

     Visit the  St. Cloud Area Community Education Online Registration for other opportunities for all ages.